Uitbreiding eengezinswoning Moerbeke-Waas

Faze two of the D residence project in Moerbeke-Waas: extension to the freestanding family house. The program for this extension volume was a second entrance to the house from the garden, a coatroom, guest toilet and, most important, a large space for the new living area with fireplace. The interior and exterior of this project are designed as one element:. The outside volume has an archetypical house shape that refers to the old house, which results on the inside in a large and high space that reminds us of the atmosphere inside small countryside chapels, quite common in this region. The volume looks very massive and closed from the street side with small windows on specific chosen positions, the back façade is almost completely in glass to ensure view and contact with the beautiful spacious garden. The outside of the volume is covered all over in massive affromosia wooden beams, one cm space between each beam creating a changing effect from every different viewing angle. The windows are from steel and painted anthracite, extensive detailing made it possible to get the windows in line with the outside layer of the building. The materialisation of this house added a lot to its integration within this site with old house, old school house, garden and terrace areas.

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Buitenbetimmering : Afrormosia
Gemeente : Moerbeke-Waas
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Aard van het project : Nieuwbouw
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